01 May 2020

Stable release 0.9.12

by Michael Zahniser

A new release is now available on GitHub, unstable version 0.9.12. This version contains a huge amount of new content and game engine updates. Downloads are available for Mac OS X, 64-bit Windows, and 32-bit Windows. Ubuntu Linux packages are available in a PPA. For more details, see the changelog.

This marks more than a year since @tehhowch, @Amazinite, and @Pointedstick took over the lead developer roles, and this is the fourth release since then. I’m very thankful for the work they’ve put in; I hope to come back to Endless Sky at some point (to wrap up the Wanderers story line and maybe add new stories as well), but I’m glad to be able to take a break, work on creative writing and other random projects, and not feel duty-bound to spend all my weekends keeping up with issues and PRs!

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